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It’s the end of all life on earth unless a compromise can be found.

Time is running short and it is left to an aging military commander to bring together the remaining nations of the world to construct an ambitious space platform that can serve as the portal to the stars.

Can people set aside their differences to save themselves, or will the last breath be drawn by those still alive? Will the flame of humanity flicker out as other species have before them?
The United Earth Council is founded in the hope that a common threat will make world leaders work together for a solution, but the lust for power may override the fight for survival. Will the attempts of this newly formed organization achieve their goal?

Or are these efforts a futile act of Desperation?

Fractured Reflections is here!

There are certain situations in nearly every individual's life that trigger an emotional response. Fear is often one of the most difficult to deal with—whether it's mankind's atrocities toward one another, or something which goes bump in the night, forcing a person to admit that monsters are indeed real. Surely one or more of the nine tales contained herein will leave its mark on you. Journey forth, if you dare, into the nightmare-inducing mind of the author, but be warned ... the Fractured Reflections you see within the mirror may have their own agenda!

Recently, I was interviewed by NY Literary Magazine regarding Fractured Reflections, as well as my career.

The Desolace Omnibus Edition is available now!

Due to the sheer size of this massive volume, which is nearly 1,500 pages in length, this book will only be available as an e-book. Please click on the Books tab of the main menu to see a full description or to purchase a copy.


The Omnibus Edition contains additional material not found in the individual series books.



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